A Taste of It! Candy

A Taste of It!

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Original It! Candy

Try our Original It! chewy creation!

Original It! is what started all the chewy, crispy yumminess. You need to taste It! This is the best way to get to know It! Candy. Try It! now. Click here!

Welcome to the delicious world of It! Candy!

Get ready, you are about to embark on an amazing chocolate adventure!

I have been making my candy for the last 30 years for the enjoyment of my family and friends. During one of my It! Candy cravings, I decided to make a larger recipe so I could share with my co-workers and anyone who was willing to try. Needless to say It! was a hit!

Now the time has come to spread the word that It! Candy has arrived!

Thank you & enjoy

Love, Karen

Featured It! Creations

A Taste of it!

A Taste of it!

Original it!

Original it!

Cookie it!

Cookie it!