About it!

Welcome to my happy place!

We start the process by creating a smooth and creamy blend of chocolate and peanut butter. For the crunch factor we pour in Organic Crisp Brown Rice and to finish off the batch we mix in tiny sweet marshmallows. Together they create the most wonderfully light and pop-able treat you can imagine!

Each candy is hand scooped, dipped and drizzled in a variety of chocolates. As if it! could get any better, it! does. The final step in creating it! is to add an additional level of palette pleasing flavors and textures. Examples of these additional toppings range from potato chips, caramel, cookies to fresh fruit, nuts and sour gummy worms! The list is endless, if you love it, we can dip it! in it.

At it! we have our most popular versions available at all times, however we encourage our customers to customize it! to suit their own personal taste.

We know that you love it! as much as we do!